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Safety and well being

Children's safety and well being is our top priority.

Love and care

We make sure to know about our campers even before they come to our camp to be able to cater their needs the best possible way. We put much effort in creating a loving and caring environment where the children feel at home among dear ones. This is why also children do not want to leave our camp and want to stay with us longer. At our camp we become a family where we love and take care of each other.


Children's security

To confirm child's participation a doctor's certificate must be presented. During the camp, children's health is monitored and preventive measures are taken to ensure safety of the children.

We work only with small groups comprising of 12 children per session. For us it is of high priority to follow and address each child's feelings and learning path,  to make sure that every child  is enjoying his/her experience with us. We have high child/adult ratio, that is of 1/4.

At our camp children are always guided by adults, day and night. 

Healthy routines

Healthy living is one of the cornerstones of our camp: starting from food for the body to food for the soul. 

We are gifted to be located in village Martuni that has one of the healthiest environments surrounded with mountains, forests, clear mountain waters and locally grown food that is made from scratch by the locals.

We offer high quality, healthy, freshly cooked food 5 times a day that includes breakfast, lunch dinner and 2 snack breaks in between main meals.

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