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Our story

We were born and grew up in village Martuni where our childhood was filled with all day long outdoor games full of the charms, colors and smells of nature and village life.

Our dreams united our efforts to create opportunities for children to have similar experiences and benefit from it.

Our searches took us to the various corners of the world only then to help us to realize that children today are denied of such opportunities to learn through their own experiences in natural environment and to see the amount of efforts to reconnect children with nature nowadays.

It took us time to appreciate what we had naturally.
Today we already succeeded in creating such environment that is so vital for children at the same time mobilizing the resources of our village to contribute to its development.

Satenik Khachatryan


"I strongly believe that all children have enormous talents and we as adults need to create space and opportunity for children to develop and discover that talents and to know that we can make the impossible possible, we only need to dream big".

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Azatuhi  Khachatryan


"I don't work with children, I learn from them. It's children that teach us how to be happy, live every moment with joy and be constant explorers. Every child is a unique world and I chose children's world where there is always love, magic and play".

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