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Children learn from a renowned bee master about the secret life of bees, discover the unwritten rules of the bee world, learn and explore the bee products, put on the bee master suit  and get a first hand experience.


Artisan food making

Village women are proud holders of this food making culture and share wholeheartedly the traditions of artisan food making. Children learn about Armenian artisan food that has a long history passing from generation to generation. Children also learn that food made with heart tastes better.


Herbal hiking tours

We get on a hiking tour and learn about the herbs and their health benefits. This helps to stimulates love and care towards nature, increases children's preferences in using natural products. We also explore odors, colors and tastes of herbs by making herbal teas.

Activities Program

The program embraces the natural living routine of the village where activities alter depending on the time of the year. 

At the camp children participate in a vast variety of activities that includes from making your own cheese or yogurt to picking up berries or making artisan food, from farming to making art through nature.

Here children learn how to live in harmony with nature.


Cultural tours

We take cultural tours to the historical sights of the village which includes the church where the first Armenian law book was written by a renowned scholar of the medieval times Mkhitar Gosh. 


Outdoor games

Playing outdoor games became a luxury for modern children. We provide time and space to explore the old outdoor games that provide opportunities for children to open new talents within themselves, get active and move a lot. 


Creating Art Through Nature

At our camp we are in the constant process of creation. We use different media to express ourselves, from making sculptures from clay to painting on the stones.

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