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Next camp session:

Registrations close on March 20th.

Welcome to

My Agrisummer International Camp

We welcome you at one of the most vibrant camps in Armenia where we combine nature with authentic Armenian rural culture in one place.

The camp gently guides children beyond their usual, urban comfort zones, giving them the drive to learn new things, to discover their talents and learn to be happy here and now.

Our camp is screen free, where we provide environment for children to experience the joy of life without screens and have that much needed detox from screens. 

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Village Martuni is a place of forests, high mountains, rivers and waterfalls, crystal clear waters and fresh air.


We spend most of our time outdoor learning, playing, exploring and all this is done without gadgets. We connect with nature and get its energy and wisdom.


All the activities are carefully planned and designed to meet the interests of children and open up new learning opportunities for them.

2023-Jubilee year

We can't believe that it is already going to be 5 years we are hosting children at our camp from all over the world. 

We feel happy and blessed to meet amazing children and families all these years through our camp and many of whom became treasured friends for us.

We remember all our camp children starting from year first, their names, characters, thoughts, dreams.

We have been hosting small number of children, so that we could keep that heart to heart contact with all of you.

We take this opportunity to thank all our children and families who trusted us and joined our big family.

And we can't wait for new amazing children to join us.

See you soon this summer.


What parents say

Shushan & Vach, USA

This camp was a treasure for our daughter. We really appreciated the philosophical and pedagogical foundation of how the camp was organized and all the thoughtful activities that taught kids how to appreciate their environment, the people who inhabit that environment, and the wonderful friends from all over the world who joined in this journey to discover nature and themselves. The local host family was wonderful and passed on so many memorable life skills to our daughter. Could not be happier with this camp and already looking forward to next year.

Lara, Thailand

My Son Gary he joined and enjoyed the Agrisummer camp, his first and unforgettable experience in Motherland Armenia where he met new Armenian friends , he got familiar for Armenian nature , food , culture and too many new experiences , I’m very Thankful for this beautiful camp founders and grateful for their full care and kindness . For sure Gary will join them again in the nearest future .

Nyree, Armenia

This camp was truly a transformative experience for my shy, typically high-strung kid. He had an amazing time, made friends, and came back with a ton of new knowledge, independence and confidence. The organizers are truly gifted in understanding each kid's needs and creating an experience that will be fun and enriching. Beyond the beautiful setting and activities like beekeeping and milking cows, it's the fact that the kids got to spend time with families in the village that made it such a special and meaningful experience. Thank you, Sat Khachatryan, Azatuhi, and all those involved. As I looked at the photos you shared every day, all I could think was, "I want to go to this camp!!"

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